Data is a
powerful tool

How we use data

Customized data assesses and predicts unmet needs, market penetration, demographic trends, community utilization, and geographic designations for facility financing incentives. Data creates the foundation for a resource strategy; whether building new or remodeling expanding existing facilities to impact your community’s health and wellness.

We are healthcare-focused with
applications in many other industries

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What we do

Mapping Impact

We work with your team to analyze your specific performance and market data to identify missed opportunities in reaching eligible patients.

Developing Strategies

Use data to drive strategic planning and project efforts. We educate your team and assist leadership by preparing reports, talking points, actions plans, and presentations for your board, partners, and other stakeholders.

Building Future

We identify nonlinear funding solutions, provide grant writing support, contribute data sets to grant writing teams, assess and redesignate HRSA’a as needed, assess Medical Service Shortage Areas (MSSA), and write and file CIS (change in scope) with HRSA.

Our Data Products


Data snapshots are our primary data product we use to determine feasibility. Each snapshot looks at an individual ZCTA and can be customized based on sector and audience.


Composite Snapshots are a group of data snapshots used to look at geographically adjacent ZCTA's to determine feasibility of a larger area.


Case Studies serve as a deeper dive into the data analysis. We show just how the data can serve and impact the population.


Needs Assessments are an in-depth analysis of a particular market or area. It is a systematic process for determining and addressing needs, or gaps between current conditions and desired outcomes.

Determining Impact

A Data Snapshot analyzing both immediate and longer-term demands and opportunities to fulfill unmet needs.

Our team uses reliable data to assess the: unmet need in your community and adjacent service areas; market penetration of existing facilities and look-a-likes; local trends, utilization patterns; specialty industry demands; geographic designations affording workforce and facility financing incentives; and the impact new facilities and resources can and will make.

We compare your performance to other operators in the region to help you take advantage of emerging opportunities and to compete for funding. Our team provides your leadership team with the information needed to make strategic decisions about planning, financing, and building new or expanded facilities based on data and predictive analytics.

Developing Strategies

Strategies for new forms of capital, revenue, and expansion

We provide case studies and more based on your organizational and financial readiness for capital projects to identify the optimal approach to financing new facilities. Our team looks at your current payor mix, revenue streams, and market opportunities to determine how to best finance and leverage resources for expansion efforts.

We create a growth strategy that leverages your existing revenue streams, market incentives, private capital, and grant funding. Because of our experience in multiple sectors, we are well-equipped with leadership, budget, and board structures that drive decision-making and change.

Executing your vision

A Plan for Construction and Project Management

By using your data snapshot and your resource strategies, we help build plans for new construction and expand existing facilities, leaving an immediate and long-term impact on your community. Legacy Realty & Development is a comprehensive partner from support with securing capital and pre-construction plans to assisting with preparing your facility to be consumer-ready.

Let us customize a data product for you.