The latest and greatest in construction tech.

Our technology provides more accurate visuals and measurements than what is available on the internet.

3D Scanning Technology

Quick, easy, and accurate
3D scanning & imaging
perfect for interior spaces

LiDAR Technology

Portable laser imaging
perfect for exterior imaging

Drone Technology

Stunning aerial video,
photography, and imaging
for CAD/REVIT Integration

As developers, it's time to adopt 3D

Virtual Tours & Inspections

We have redefined how contractors and partners manage their data in a socially distanced climate. Everyone can be on a job site, from anywhere, in the safety of their own home, office, or mobile workstation.

Measurable 3D Scans

Our industry-leading 360 cameras and scanners create measurable 3d scans of interiors and exteriors.

Eliminate the need for multiple site visits and provide realistic interactions with virtual environments. Virtually measure any surface and calculate volume, surface area, and more with ease.

Data Analysis

Capture accurate documentation with the most advanced software and technology to provide realistic analysis and representation of your projects’ current conditions.

Beautiful Inside





And from above


We catch details that matter

Matterport Pro 2

Matterport Pro2 boasts measuring accuracy within 1%. The Pro2’s incredible scanning speed and easy carrying handle makes 3D scanning and plotting homes, interiors, and commercial buildings incredibly easy. Get going with a single press of a button and stay scanning multiple properties with its powerful all-day battery. Pro2 connects with the accompanying iOS Capture app to transfer all scans instantly. 3D data registration is done in-app automatically and takes only 20 seconds to capture per scan.

Leica BLK360 LiDAR

The Leica BLK360 utilizes three panoramic High Dynamic Range cameras with thermal imaging capabilities and captures 360,000 points per second. BLK360 weighs just over 2 pounds and is extremely compact. Even in very low light, BLK360 is designed for razor-sharp accuracy with a 6mm margin of error at 10m. It can capture up to 60m in minutes and in nearly any temperature or weather conditions. Use the generated point cloud to create accurate 3D models, 2D floor pans, virtual tours, and photorealistic 3D meshes for animating.

Mavic Pro 2

Missions allow the Mavic Pro 2 to follow accurate and calculated paths and movements that are far smoother than those performed by remote. Its powerful image sensor captures nearly 20 million pixels straight from the sky. This high-level of detail combined with the advantage of aerial access allows for razor thin margin of error all the while creating brilliant point clouds for 3D tracking and reference. Altitude, thermal and topographic maps, and countless other technical details are now generated with this powerful combination of software and lightweight hardware.


Matterport 3D Services (Interior)

Small Office $650
(3,000 sq. ft.)
Large Office $2,250
(10,000 sq. ft.)
Open Warehouse $2,500
Multi-story Building $3,500
(Stairs, Basement, etc.)

LIDAR 3D Services (Exterior)

Parameter of Building $1,000
Exterior Elevations/Conditions $2,250
Site Scan $2,250
(up to 30,000 sq. ft.)

Drone Flights (Visual Data)

Basic Flight $225
(Roof, Parking, Site)
Advanced Flight $325
(Exterior Elevations/Conditions)
Construction Progress $2,250
(Up to 10 Visits)
Finished Photography & Video $250

All pricing is subject to change. Pricing may vary depending on the details & complexity of each project.